National Geographic World October 1981
Monster Plantation

More than a hundred monsters have descended on Georgia! Some are fierce giants. Others are wacky little creatures with odd faces. Are the people who meet these monsters afraid? Maybe a little. But mostly they giggle. That's because the monsters aren't real. They are computerized robots that talk, sing, and move. All are characters in a new ride at Six Flags over Georgia, an amusement park near Atlanta.

The Ride is called Monster Plantation. If you dare, you can board a boat in front of an old-time mansion on the plantation. A flood has struck, and the waters carry you right through the building's living room. The furniture floats by you. Then your boat takes you outside the mansion and around the grounds of the plantation.
As you continue, monsters of many shapes, sizes, and colors greet you. They're having a party, and you are invited. Strange music fills your ears. Two monster children float throughout the air, holding a colorful balloon. Some creatures square dance. Others hold a pie-eating contest. One monster even rides a skateboard.
But beware! Not all is pleasant at Monster Plantation. Your ride suddenly takes a scary turn. Despite warnings from friendly monsters, you glide into a dark, spooky marsh. Trolls and swamp rats reach out for you. A huge swamp monster tries to block your way. Your boat races forward. You barely escape the terrible creatures. But at last you are safe. Your boat glides out of the marsh and back to the party again.
"I loved it!" said Christy Moore, 9, of Powder Springs, Georgia. "The monsters looked kind of real, but I knew that they weren't. There's nothing to be afraid of. It's fun!"

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